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About ACTion

ACTion is a general-interest publication that explores stories related to how technology is used for teaching and learning at the University of Toronto. Through narrative journalism and essays, ACTion provides readers with insights, ideas and perspectives on educational technology use, most often through the lens of individual instructors, professionals and students.

About ACT

The Academic & Collaborative Technologies Group (ACT) is a partnership between the Centre for Teaching Support & Innovation and Information + Technology Services (Office of the CIO) at the University of Toronto. ACT provides strategic and tactical leadership in the development and implementation of information technology services that support the academic mission for the university as a whole. ACT works with instructors, academic administrators, librarians, students, and professional staff (including teaching support units, instructional technologists and IT staff) to advance the University’s academic mission and in particular, its commitment to teaching.

ACTion Editor:

Avi Hyman

ACTion Staff Writer:
Sankhi Liyanage, ACT Communications Officer

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Elana “Nova” Zatzman

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Sophia Luu

Aaron Yellin

Ken Kongkatong

Gillian Grossman

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Manager of Support: Tamara Bahr
Manager of Development Projects: Peter Cheung
Manager of Application Administration: Marco Di Vittorio