Introducing Students to Digital Humanities

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It’s difficult to imagine a world without digital technologies. After all, in this digital age almost everything whether in a small or large capacity incorporates some form of technology. This is highly evident in academia where non-technical fields such as history are attempting to integrate technology into academic scholarship. The new undergraduate third-year history course [...]


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Heather MacNeill is a doctor, but she's also a teacher. And her classes are using an innovative way to help solve some of the toughest diseases doctors every need to face. MacNeill, a professor of Physiatry in the Department of Medicine at U of T, currently helms the Collaborative Online Interprofessional Learning (COIL) Program at [...]

Visualizing Inside Computers

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Computers are seemingly used by everyone and almost everywhere. And yet, while the digital divide is growing progressively smaller, and there seems to be a rise in computer literacy, it’s still largely undeniable that most people (even the most technological savvy individuals) do not understand what really goes on inside a computer.  Visualization, the process [...]

Oral Pathology Education Project Save Time, Money and Leads to Better Outcomes

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Whether it’s piloting a virtual aircraft on the X-Plane or allowing people with disabilities to experience the joy of walking again on the Oculus Rift, simulations have played a critical role in society. At its core, they afford us real-life experiences, often at significantly less expense, which is why their usage is extremely popular in [...]

Evolving From Wikis: Clare Brett’s Work Keeps Pace with Educational Technology Change

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From the idea of ‘cooperation without coordination’ arising from social sites such as GitHub to the events of the Arab Spring made possible by social media, today the concept of online collaboration seems to be commonplace if not overused. However, eight years ago, online collaboration was still in its infancy and considered be a novel [...]

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