Machine Learning Assisted Concept Mapping in Courses

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When it comes to writing notes, everyone has a different way of capturing what they feel are the important points from a presentation. Students are the same with their lectures: they are all listening to the same lecture, yet they could be capturing various parts. Students frantically take notes in their classes to study in [...]

Discovery Learning: An Evaluation of Case-Based Learning Pathways

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Dr. Kathy Vu, Director of PharmD for Pharmacists Program Dr. Kathy Vu, Director of PharmD for Pharmacists Program has worked on building a discovery learning tool for the PharmD for Pharmacists program with the help of an ITIF grant. This work was done alongside Dr. Jennifer Lake, an Assistant Professor with the help [...]

Using Twine for Classroom Engagement

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What is Twine? Twine is a free web-based tool for creating interactive story simulations. The stories are designed in a non-linear format, meaning they don’t have a structured outline of how the stories progress. The tool mainly uses text-based narratives and it branches off throughout the story based on the user’s decisions. Twine uses standard [...]

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