Gaming in an Alternative Reality: Ballon’s vision of making Mental Health Known

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Back in 2006, Dr. Bruce Ballon, an associate professor in the Department of Psychiatry at UofT, was the mastermind behind creating the Multiple Interacting Reality Alternative Generated Environment, MIRAGE for short, as a way for people to experience how perception affects behaviour through role playing. The game came out of the SAGE (Situation and Gaming [...]

Learning Pain in a Painless Way: Judith Hunter’s Building Blocks for Success

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Almost a decade ago in 2006, Judith Hunter, a professor of Physical Therapy at UofT, noticed a piece of curriculum missing - students learning about pain - and found a way to incorporate it into different courses. In a clinical faculty like Medicine that Hunter teaches in, it is “not life-like to teach in different [...]

The Physiology of Teaching: Chris Perumalla’s Decade of Simplifying Complex Topics

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For almost a decade, the Faculty of Medicine physiologist Dr. Chris Perumalla, has been using his passion as an educator and his desire to innovate to bring new teaching technology projects to life, both in the classroom, and out. Acknowledged widely for his work with UofT students, Chris Perumalla was a recipient of a 2013 [...]

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