Learning Pain in a Painless Way: Judith Hunter’s Building Blocks for Success

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Almost a decade ago in 2006, Judith Hunter, a professor of Physical Therapy at UofT, noticed a piece of curriculum missing - students learning about pain - and found a way to incorporate it into different courses. In a clinical faculty like Medicine that Hunter teaches in, it is “not life-like to teach in different [...]

Oral Pathology Education Project Save Time, Money and Leads to Better Outcomes

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Whether it’s piloting a virtual aircraft on the X-Plane or allowing people with disabilities to experience the joy of walking again on the Oculus Rift, simulations have played a critical role in society. At its core, they afford us real-life experiences, often at significantly less expense, which is why their usage is extremely popular in [...]

For First-Year Dentists, A Virtual Toothscape

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When U of T Dentistry Professor Dorothy McComb won an ITIF grant as she was planning to retire, she turned the reigns over to newly-arrived colleague Anuradha Prakki. The only instructions? "Make something interactive." Naturally, Prakki's thoughts turned to the dental anatomy class for first-year students, which she had just begun teaching. The course is [...]

The Physiology of Teaching: Chris Perumalla’s Decade of Simplifying Complex Topics

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For almost a decade, the Faculty of Medicine physiologist Dr. Chris Perumalla, has been using his passion as an educator and his desire to innovate to bring new teaching technology projects to life, both in the classroom, and out. Acknowledged widely for his work with UofT students, Chris Perumalla was a recipient of a 2013 [...]

Evolving From Wikis: Clare Brett’s Work Keeps Pace with Educational Technology Change

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From the idea of ‘cooperation without coordination’ arising from social sites such as GitHub to the events of the Arab Spring made possible by social media, today the concept of online collaboration seems to be commonplace if not overused. However, eight years ago, online collaboration was still in its infancy and considered be a novel [...]

Teaching with Video Games

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The beginning of the millennium was a famous time for video gaming. Sony's PS2 and Microsoft's Xbox consoles signaled the final turn for gaming from rudimentary arcade stands to high-powered home machines. The most popular titles included classics like Grand Theft Auto Vice City, Madden NFL 2003, and Kingdom Hearts. But at the same time, [...]

Solving the Technological Learning Gap

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If you've ever seen a mock-up drawing of what people in the past thought the future would look like—robot maids are usually involved—you know that technological advancement is hard to fully grasp. Sometimes, the best that real-world technology can offer is a bland placeholder (looking at you, vacuum cleaners) until further and more widespread innovation [...]

Holograms at the Intersection of Art and Science

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If I told you that the practice of holography produces holograms, well, technically, I'd be right. But I’d lack the poetic flair of U of T Optical Sciences professor Emmanuel Istrate. He calls them holograms too naturally, but he also has another phrase — Windows with Memory. It’s the perfect sequence of words to cut [...]

Building Better Websites with ITIF

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Sian Meikle has also been involved in two other projects with the Provost’s Instructional Technology Fund, expanding and improving the framework for some useful existing websites. The first, in 2006, was with the REED project—Records of Early English Drama. Their website, which Meikle originally helped build in 2003, contains a variety of information on the [...]

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