Machine Learning Assisted Concept Mapping in Courses

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When it comes to writing notes, everyone has a different way of capturing what they feel are the important points from a presentation. Students are the same with their lectures: they are all listening to the same lecture, yet they could be capturing various parts. Students frantically take notes in their classes to study in [...]

Discovery Learning: An Evaluation of Case-Based Learning Pathways

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Dr. Kathy Vu, Director of PharmD for Pharmacists Program Dr. Kathy Vu, Director of PharmD for Pharmacists Program has worked on building a discovery learning tool for the PharmD for Pharmacists program with the help of an ITIF grant. This work was done alongside Dr. Jennifer Lake, an Assistant Professor with the help [...]

Using Twine for Classroom Engagement

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What is Twine? Twine is a free web-based tool for creating interactive story simulations. The stories are designed in a non-linear format, meaning they don’t have a structured outline of how the stories progress. The tool mainly uses text-based narratives and it branches off throughout the story based on the user’s decisions. Twine uses standard [...]

Reviving Yiddish: Harnessing Multimedia to Transform Language Acquisition

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  Prof. Anna Shternshis, Al and Malka Green Professor of Yiddish studies and the Director of the Anne Tanenbaum Centre for Jewish Studies at the University of Toronto. The divide between research and teaching is foreign to Anna Shternshis, the Al and Malka Green Associate Professor of Yiddish Studies and the Director of [...]

Balanced Artistry: the Personal Balance Toolkit 

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Jessica Lee (left) and Pei-Chen Chen (right), Graduate students in Piano, play a Rachmaninoff piece after warm-up exercises on the PBT. Photo Credit: E. Zatzman With the physicality of performance, musicians can be vulnerable to pain or musculoskeletal disorders. An increased awareness of balance and posture can certainly help mitigate this problem, [...]

How the ITIF Helped Maureen Barry

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Maureen Barry was used to teaching a small undergrad nursing class at U of T. A group of 30 or so students would gather around, and she'd hold up a syringe, or demonstrate in front of a mannequin, or whatever they were doing that day. It's how things were always done—until her accelerated program got [...]

Sim Lab: Pioneering Technology in Nursing Education

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Professor Maureen Barry may be a nurse-educator first and foremost, but she is also one the University of Toronto’s, and Canada’s, foremost educational technology pioneers. She is a big fan of hands-on learning, and her simulation program is the premiere example of that approach. Professor Barry began her career in Nursing as an undergraduate student at [...]

Flipping the Classroom and Making It Relevant

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The infinite refrain of the unwilling math student is "when am I ever going to need to know this?" And no matter how dismissive it may be, if you're teaching a college math course, it's a useful question to answer. In pursuit of that answer, U of T statistical sciences professor Alison Gibbs helped introduce [...]

A Smarter Proficiency Test

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In Canada, placing French language students in university programs is a bit more complicated than other countries. With such a wide variety of French speakers, finding the right level for each one becomes more important, and more difficult. French Professor Jeffrey Steele wanted to design a placement test for incoming French students at U of [...]

For First-Year Dentists, A Virtual Toothscape

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When U of T Dentistry Professor Dorothy McComb won an ITIF grant as she was planning to retire, she turned the reigns over to newly-arrived colleague Anuradha Prakki. The only instructions? "Make something interactive." Naturally, Prakki's thoughts turned to the dental anatomy class for first-year students, which she had just begun teaching. The course is [...]

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