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Balanced Artistry: the Personal Balance Toolkit 

With the physicality of performance, musicians can be vulnerable to pain or musculoskeletal disorders. An increased awareness of balance and posture can certainly help mitigate this problem, yet, when a performer is under stress, awareness of body and balance can easily be neglected. Midori Koga, Associate Professor of Piano and current Associate Dean of Graduate …


ACTion Interview: Dr. Elaine Khoo

DIGITAL ENGLISH LANGUAGE LEARNING RESOURCES DESIGNED TO MEET STUDENTS HALFWAY At the University of Toronto’s Scarborough campus (UTSC), Dr. Elaine Khoo is working toward improving university-level literacy skills for students with diverse academic and linguistic backgrounds. As coordinator of the English Language Development Centre (EDLC) and a researcher and teacher in the field of student …



Physician Assistants are in-demand professionals in Canada. In rural and remote communities in particular, they play an integral role in doctor’s offices, clinics, and hospitals. Yet, the two-year university education required to become a PA was, until recently, only available in major cities and few newly qualified practitioners wanted to return to their hometowns to …


Usability Assessment: an Unconventional Approach to the Use of Lecture Capture Software

Usability Assessment: an Unconventional Approach to the Use of Lecture Capture Software In Dr. Colin Furness’ Usability Assessment Workshop at the Faculty of Information, first year Master of Information students are taught how to observe and analyze the way in which users navigate through online resources. However, the unconventional use of an online teaching tool ...

The Anatomy Glove Learning System: From the UofT to Around the World

Professors Pat McKee and Anne Agur are veteran educators in the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Medicine. While their passion is for teaching, creating a start-up company called Anatomy Softwear International Inc. turned them into entrepreneurs. Their invention, the Anatomy Glove Learning System, is now used in over 30 educational programs in over a dozen …


DeckChair Lets Students Cruise Through Learning

Dr. Jeff Graham teaches psychology at the University of Toronto Mississauga, the place where one can see DeckChair, Graham’s online learning program, in action. It’s a tool he sees changing the landscape of education. The original program was developed in 2002, as a simple tool for running surveys and experiments with first-year psychology students. It …


How the ITIF Helped Maureen Barry

Maureen Barry was used to teaching a small undergrad nursing class at U of T. A group of 30 or so students would gather around, and she’d hold up a syringe, or demonstrate in front of a mannequin, or whatever they were doing that day. It’s how things were always done—until her accelerated program got …


Sim Lab: Pioneering Technology in Nursing Education

Professor Maureen Barry may be a nurse-educator first and foremost, but she is also one the University of Toronto’s, and Canada’s, foremost educational technology pioneers. She is a big fan of hands-on learning, and her simulation program is the premiere example of that approach. Professor Barry began her career in Nursing as an undergraduate student at …


Teaching a Course of 25,000 Students: Charmaine Williams’ Experiment with MOOCs

  Imagine taking a university course with close to 25,000 students from all across the world, with enrolment stretching from Brazil to Switzerland and all the way back to Canada. For those of us who thought first year courses in Convocation Hall were large, Professor Charmaine Williams has taught a class twenty times the size …


Flipping the Classroom and Making It Relevant

The infinite refrain of the unwilling math student is “when am I ever going to need to know this?” And no matter how dismissive it may be, if you’re teaching a college math course, it’s a useful question to answer. In pursuit of that answer, U of T statistical sciences professor Alison Gibbs helped introduce …

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